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Estimated numbers of individuals in aquaculture production (FAO) of selected fish species 2017

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Data for Wels(=Som) catfish (Silurus glanis) in 2017
CountryProduction (t)1Estimated
mean weight 2
(EMW) g
EMW id2Estimated Numbers
Uzbekistan            500 Not estimated4
Hungary            216 Not estimated4
Bulgaria            205 Not estimated4
France            200 Not estimated4
Germany            181 Not estimated4
Ukraine            146 Not estimated4
Czechia            100 Not estimated4
Poland             76 Not estimated4
Tunisia             74 Not estimated4
Romania             46 Not estimated4
Croatia             31 Not estimated4
Belarus             26 Not estimated4
Georgia             20 Not estimated4
Serbia             17 Not estimated4
Turkey              8 Not estimated4
Lithuania              4 Not estimated4
Moldova, Republic of              2 Not estimated4
Bosnia and Herzegovina              1 Not estimated4
Slovakia              1 Not estimated4
Total          1,854 Not estimated

Estimated by A Mood and P Brooke, Sep 2019

1. Source of production tonnage: FAO FishStat "Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2017 (Release date: 25th March 2019)".
2. Source of estimated mean weights (EMWs) : as for our earlier estimate, see Estimating the Number of Farmed Fish Killed in Global Aquaculture Each Year.
3. The estimated numbers are calculated as the production tonnage divided by estimated mean weight (EMW) where a mean weight has been estimated for the species.
4. The fish numbers for species without an estimated mean weight (EMW) have not been estimated for each individual species or country.