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Estimated numbers of individuals in aquaculture production (FAO) of selected fish species 2017

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Data for Cyprinids nei (Cyprinidae) in 2017
CountryProduction (t)1Estimated
mean weight 2
(EMW) g
EMW id2Estimated Numbers
Afghanistan          6,850 Not estimated4
Algeria            790 Not estimated4
Argentina             57 Not estimated4
Armenia            200 Not estimated4
Austria              5 Not estimated4
Bangladesh         43,679 Not estimated4
Brazil         18,900 Not estimated4
Cambodia         21,340 Not estimated4
Central African Republic             20 Not estimated4
Egypt        129,185 Not estimated4
France            300 Not estimated4
French Guiana              1 Not estimated4
Haiti              5 Not estimated4
Jamaica              2 Not estimated4
Korea, Dem. People's Rep          3,400 Not estimated4
Korea, Republic of          1,699 Not estimated4
Nigeria         25,227 Not estimated4
Pakistan          3,058 Not estimated4
Philippines         14,589 Not estimated4
Poland            335 Not estimated4
Russian Federation          5,820 Not estimated4
Slovenia             15 Not estimated4
Sri Lanka          4,729 Not estimated4
United Kingdom              3 Not estimated4
United States of America            461 Not estimated4
Uzbekistan          2,200 Not estimated4
Viet Nam        398,284 Not estimated4
Total        681,153 Not estimated

Estimated by A Mood and P Brooke, Sep 2019

1. Source of production tonnage: FAO FishStat "Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2017 (Release date: 25th March 2019)".
2. Source of estimated mean weights (EMWs) : as for our earlier estimate, see Estimating the Number of Farmed Fish Killed in Global Aquaculture Each Year.
3. The estimated numbers are calculated as the production tonnage divided by estimated mean weight (EMW) where a mean weight has been estimated for the species.
4. The fish numbers for species without an estimated mean weight (EMW) have not been estimated for each individual species or country.