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Estimated numbers of individuals in aquaculture production (FAO) of fish species (2017)

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Summary for Slovakia (2017)
TotalProduction (t)Percent of total
fish production %
Estimated Numbers
All species with an EMW
(Estimated mean weight)
          1,69064 <1 - 6
All species without an EMW            95636Not estimated
Total fish production          2,646100
out of total aquaculture production          2,646


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Data for Slovakia (2017)
SpeciesProduction (t)1Estimated
mean weight2
(EMW) g
EMW id2Estimated
Bighead carp             18500-1,50029 <1
Brook trout              5 Not estimated4
Common carp            599500-2,50057 <1 - 1
European perch              <1 Not estimated4
Freshwater fishes nei            908 Not estimated4
Goldfish             33 Not estimated4
Grass carp(=White amur)             18500-2,50087 <1
North African catfish             25500-1,500132 <1
Northern pike              2 Not estimated4
Pike-perch              <1 Not estimated4
Rainbow trout          1,019210-5,000155 <1 - 5
Sea trout              6 Not estimated4
Silver carp             11300-1,500182 <1
Sterlet sturgeon              1 Not estimated4
Wels(=Som) catfish              1 Not estimated4
Totals by estimate type:
Production (t)Percent of
total fish
production %
Estimated Numbers
   Single species with an EMW           1,69064 <1 - 6
Totals for species with an EMW          1,69064 <1 - 6
Totals for species without EMW            95636 Not estimated4
Total fish production          2,646100
out of total aquaculture production          2,646

Estimated by A Mood and P Brooke, Sep 2019

1. Source of production tonnage: FAO FishStat "Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2017 (Release date: 25th March 2019)".
2. Source of estimated mean weights (EMWs) : as for our earlier estimate, see Estimating the Number of Farmed Fish Killed in Global Aquaculture Each Year.
3. The estimated numbers are calculated as the production tonnage divided by estimated mean weight (EMW) where a mean weight has been estimated for the species.
4. The fish numbers for species without an estimated mean weight (EMW) have not been estimated for each individual species or country.