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Estimated numbers of individuals in aquaculture production (FAO) of fish species (2017)

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Summary for Greece (2017)
TotalProduction (t)Percent of total
fish production %
Estimated Numbers
All species with an EMW
(Estimated mean weight)
        102,42696 230 - 307
All species without an EMW          3,7394Not estimated
Total fish production        106,165100
out of total aquaculture production        125,574


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Data for Greece (2017)
SpeciesProduction (t)1Estimated
mean weight2,5
(EMW) g
EMW id2Estimated
Common carp              7500-2,50057 <1
Common sole              1 Not estimated4
European eel            358 Not estimated4
European seabass         44,285400-50072 89 - 111
Flathead grey mullet            198500-1,50076 <1
Freshwater fishes nei             33 Not estimated4
Gilthead seabream         55,948300-40081 140 - 186
Marine fishes nei            121 Not estimated4
Meagre          1,634 Not estimated4
Rainbow trout          1,989210-1,200155 2 - 9
Red porgy          1,292 Not estimated4
Sharpsnout seabream            142 Not estimated4
Shi drum            158 Not estimated4
White seabream              1 Not estimated4
Totals by estimate type:
Production (t)Percent of
total fish
production %
Estimated Numbers
   Single species with an EMW         102,42696 230 - 307
Totals for species with an EMW        102,42696 230 - 307
Totals for species without EMW          3,7394 Not estimated4
Total fish production        106,165100
out of total aquaculture production        125,574

Estimated by A Mood and P Brooke, Sep 2019.   Updated Nov 2019 for Rainbow trout, see note 5 below.

1. Source of production tonnage: FAO FishStat "Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2017 (Release date: 25th March 2019)".
2. Source of estimated mean weights (EMWs) : as for our earlier estimate, see Estimating the Number of Farmed Fish Killed in Global Aquaculture Each Year.
3. The estimated numbers are calculated as the production tonnage divided by estimated mean weight (EMW) where a mean weight has been estimated for the species.
4. The fish numbers for species without an estimated mean weight (EMW) have not been estimated for each individual species or country.
5. For rainbow trout, a weighted estimated mean weight has been used based on the proporation of small rainbow trout (< 1200g) and large rainbow trout (> 1200g) produced in the country, if available. See FEAP data.
(The estimated mean weight (EMW) for rainbow trout is 210-5000g and the EMWs for small and large rainbow trout are therefore respectively 210-1200g and 1200-5000g.)
Global estimated numbers for rainbow trout based on these weighted estimated mean weights total 268-3072 million individuals as compared to 162-3865 million based on the (unweighted) estimated mean weight of 210-5000g.