Rejected reason codes

1Typical weight equals the max published weight or FAO fact sheet max weight
2Scientific name not given and unclear and/or specific species cannot be clearly identified
3Size information cannot be categorised as average, common, typical or maximum
4Unclear whether size is average, common or maximum
5Typical length is close to max published length
6Reference does not state this is a whole round weight or indicate the weight is for whole, ungutted fish
7Reference appears to pertain to particularly small fish which seem unlikely to be of commercial size
8The weight derived from this length exceeds the maximum weight.
9The reference may refer to farmed fish. According to, this is a farmed species.
10Typical length equals or exceeds max length or FAO fact sheet (see the other references for this EMW) max length
11This typical size appears to be a maximum size when compared to max size details.
12The derived weight is close to max published weight
13Reference is for length-weight data used for length data given in another reference for this EMW
14This typical size appears to be a maximum size when compared to FAO fact sheet max size details (see the other references for this EMW)
15A greater maximum size is given in another reference for this species (i.e. for maximum size. the reference which gives the highest figure is used)
16Insufficient length-weight and length-length data available to use this reference
17Estimated mean weight based on max length exceeds mean weight for a larger (or similar-sized) species
99This reference is for additional information only

Rejected reason code
Some references have been excluded from the estimating process because they are judged to be unreliable. For example, there may be some ambiguity regarding the species they refer to. Whereas some references are not used because better references are available (i.e. ones with a higher reliability ranking), rejected references are NEVER used, regardless of what other references are, or aren't, available. While it could be argued that such references should not be included (i.e. visible) in the analysis, they are being displayed in order to give a full account of the method of processing references

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