Screen 2: Summary data for EMW-370

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EMW idFAO species categoryScientific nameA multi-species category?Lower estimated mean weight (EMW) (g)Upper estimated mean weight (EMW) (g)Smallest species in group EMW idLargest species in group EMW idSame species EMW idReliability ranking for Lower EMWReliability ranking for Upper EMWOverall reliability ranking for this EMWMax weight (g)
EMW-370Hapuku wreckfishPolyprion oxygeneiosN6,000.006,000.00222100000

The mean weight estimates for each species were obtained from a range of data sources (for details click on the link in the EMW id column), ranging from the lowest to the highest figure quoted at the highest level of reliability available. For multi-species categories, the range is the estimated mean weight of the smallest to the largest species believed to be fished significantly.

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