Screen 1: Estimated numbers of individuals in annual global aquaculture production (FAO) of decapod species (2011)

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This page shows FAO reported fish aquaculture production tonnages for 2011 by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in this study) and estimated fish numbers. For species categories where no EMW was obtained, a generic mean weight was used to estimate numbers. Derivation of these generic mean weights are shown in the totals section, obtained by clicking on the Last page summary link above or by scrolling/paging to the bottom. The overall estimate of fish numbers is also shown there.

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Totals for all speciesClassproduction (t)Estimated mean weight(EMW)
Generic mean weight
Estimated numbers (millions)
Single species with an EMW:
Brachyura807,56972-2373,405 - 11,282
Natantia4,049,88512-29139,465 - 344,172
Reptantia539,76420-3216,868 - 26,988
All classes5,397,21714-34159,737 - 382,442
Multi species with an EMW:
Natantia211,6983,528 - 26,462
All classes211,6983,528 - 26,462
All species with an EMW:
All classes5,608,916163,266 - 408,904
Species without an EMW:
Brachyura111,77072-237471 - 1,561
Natantia153,24112-295,277 - 13,023
Reptantia2,30520-3272 - 115
All classes267,3165,820 - 14,700
Total decapod crustacean production
    True crabs Brachyura919,3393,876 - 12,843
    Shrimps and prawns Natantia4,414,824148,271 - 383,657
    Crayfish and lobsters Reptantia542,06916,940 - 27,103
All classes5,876,232169,086 - 423,604
Total crustacean production All classes5,876,254
Total aqaculture production (includes fish) 83,729,314

Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Aquaculture Production (Quantities and values) 1950-2011 (Release date: March 2013)".
Note. All species are identified on FishStat as being of the class Actinopterygii except for the following for which class is not specified: freshwater fishes nei, marine fishes nei and finfishes nei.