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Screen 1: Estimated numbers of individuals in annual global capture tonnage (FAO) of fish species (1999-2007)

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This page shows FAO reported annual capture tonnages (averaged for 1999-2007) by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW)(obtained in this study) and estimated fish numbers. For species categories where no EMW was obtained, a generic mean weight was used to estimate numbers. Derivation of these generic mean weights are shown in the totals section, obtained by scrolling to the bottom. The overall estimate of fish numbers is also shown there.

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Totals for all speciesClassCapture (t)Estimated mean weight(EMW)
Generic mean weight
Estimated numbers (millions)
Single species with an EMW:
Actinopterygii47,550,27031-79598,299 - 1,535,326
Cephalaspidomorphi14448-812 - 3
Elasmobranchii73,8095,108-8,2759 - 14
Holocephali5271,155-1,575< 1
All classes47,624,75031-80598,310 - 1,535,344
Multi species with an EMW:
Actinopterygii5,386,45178,873 - 438,671
Elasmobranchii535< 1
Sarcopterygii13,6923 - 63
All classes5,400,67878,876 - 438,735
All species with an EMW:
All classes53,025,428677,186 - 1,974,079
Species without an EMW:
Actinopterygii9,142,44631-79115,034 - 295,196
Cephalaspidomorphi10648-811 - 2
Elasmobranchii753,4995,108-8,27591 - 148
Holocephali7,4131,155-1,5755 - 6
Mixed14,457,65431-80181,632 - 466,091
Myxini1,77631-8022 - 57
All classes24,362,894296,785 - 761,500
Total fish capture All classes77,388,322973,971 - 2,735,579
Total fisheries capture (includes shellfish) 92,242,653

Source of capture tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2007 (Release Date: February 2009)".