Screen 4: Reference data detail for: EMW-277 (reference id: 1 )

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EMW idEMW ref. idFAO species categorySpeciesScientific nameLower EMW (g)Upper EMW (g)Reference indicates lower or upper EMW figure?EMW MethodSimilar species EMW idLength-weight calculations*** Fish Size Quote ****** Explanatory Notes ***Link to reference (external site)Reference documentReference url (or book)Link to Species Summary (external site)Species not given ind
EMW-2771Mountain mulletMountain mulletAgonostomus monticola128.00128.00BothAverage weight ("average","mean")NONE“freshly captured A. monticola were obtained from local fishermen. They fished between 06:00 and 22:00 hours and captured fish by cast net in the dry season and hooks with worms in the wet season....A total of 140 specimens of A. monticola were examined during the study. These fish ranged from 92-428 mm total length, with a mean total length of 211 mm and weight of 128 g.”More info.“Diet of Agonostomus monticola (Pisces: Mugilidae) in the Río Ayuquila, Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve, México”
“The journal of Tropical Biology” website
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This screen gives details for an individual reference obtained in estimating a mean weight for this species.

The information obtained from this reference to derive an estimated mean weight is in the *** fish size quote *** and/or *** Explanatory notes *** column. Note that you may need to search the document using key words in the '*** Fish Size Quote ***' or *** Explanatory notes *** column to find the relevant fish size data. To view the reference document itself (if available online): scroll right and click on 'More info' in the 'Link to reference' column, if available.

Where the information obtained from the reference is a fish length, the calculations performed to obtain a weight may be viewed by clicking on 'More info' in the 'Length-weight calculations' column.

To view the 'Species Summary' page on for this species, click on 'More info' in the 'Link to Species Summary ' column. Very occasionally this link displays the home page instead of the species summary page. If this happens, enter the scientific name in the 'Genus + Species' search field to search for this species.

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