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Estimated numbers of individuals in average annual fish capture (FAO) by country fishing fleets (2007 - 2016)

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Summary for Romania (2007-2016)
TotalCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
All fish species with an EMW
(Estimated Mean Weight)
          3,63383 12 - 263
Total fish capture          4,384100
out of total fisheries capture          5,902

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This page shows FAO reported fish capture tonnages (by fishing fleets of the selected country above for the year shown)
by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in fishcount study) and estimated fish numbers based on that EMW.

Data for Romania (2007-2016)
SpeciesClassCapture (t)Estimated
mean weight
(EMW) (g)
EMW idEstimated numbers
GoldfishActinopterygii          1,7677-567EMW-474 3 - 245
Freshwater breamActinopterygii            5353,600EMW-355<1
Pontic shadActinopterygii            359 Not estimated
Roaches neiActinopterygii            259 Not estimated
Common carpActinopterygii            2092,000-15,000EMW-218 <1
Wels(=Som) catfishActinopterygii            190100,000-200,000EMW-363 <1
Pike-perchActinopterygii            175146-1,200EMW-416 <1 - 1
Northern pikeActinopterygii            1504,500EMW-386<1
European spratActinopterygii            11017EMW-233 7
Silver carpActinopterygii             9412,794EMW-435<1
European anchovyActinopterygii             578-38EMW-228 1 - 7
Bighead carpActinopterygii             483,306EMW-116<1
European perchActinopterygii             441,200EMW-384<1
TurbotActinopterygii             432,065-11,225EMW-407 <1
BarbelActinopterygii             311,800-3,636EMW-89 <1
Sea troutActinopterygii             296,000EMW-310<1
TenchActinopterygii             273,900EMW-405<1
Freshwater fishes neiMixed             25 Not estimated
AspActinopterygii             222,720EMW-48<1
White breamActinopterygii             21 Not estimated
WhitingActinopterygii             21122-165EMW-342 <1
Vimba breamActinopterygii             21 Not estimated
RuddActinopterygii             19 Not estimated
Rainbow troutActinopterygii             18500-5,000EMW-388 <1
Gobies neiActinopterygii             16 Not estimated
Mediterranean horse mackerelActinopterygii             1611-600EMW-276 <1 - 1
BleakActinopterygii             1523-28EMW-1471
Cyprinids neiActinopterygii             12 Not estimated
Grass carp(=White amur)Actinopterygii             1129,540-36,360EMW-420 <1
Picked dogfishElasmobranchii              63,000-4,500EMW-401 <1
Mullets neiActinopterygii              620-2,000EMW-278 <1
Shads neiActinopterygii              6 Not estimated
Marine fishes neiMixed              6 Not estimated
Common naseActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
Crucian carpActinopterygii              5150EMW-362<1
Surmullets(=Red mullets) neiActinopterygii              381-1,000EMW-332 <1
Brook troutActinopterygii              2500-5,000EMW-187 <1
ChubActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Caspian shadActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Knout gobyActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
GarfishActinopterygii              <120-500EMW-239 <1
Silversides(=Sand smelts) neiActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
BluefishActinopterygii              <11,943EMW-162<1
Totals by estimate type:
ClassCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
   Single species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii          3,61983 12 - 263
   Elasmobranchii              6<1<1
   All classes          3,62583 12 - 263
   Multi species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii              9<1<1
   All classes              9<1<1
Totals for species with an EMWAll Classes          3,63383 12 - 263
   Species without an EMW
   Actinopterygii            72016 Not estimated
   Mixed             311 Not estimated
Totals for species without EMWAll classes            75017 Not estimated
Total fish capture          4,384100
out of total fisheries capture          5,902
   Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2016 (Release Date: 15th March 2018)".