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Estimated numbers of individuals in average annual fish capture (FAO) by country fishing fleets (2007 - 2016)

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Summary for Malta (2007-2016)
TotalCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
All fish species with an EMW
(Estimated Mean Weight)
          1,58486 2 - 7
Total fish capture          1,852100
out of total fisheries capture          1,984

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This page shows FAO reported fish capture tonnages (by fishing fleets of the selected country above for the year shown)
by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in fishcount study) and estimated fish numbers based on that EMW.

Data for Malta (2007-2016)
SpeciesClassCapture (t)Estimated
mean weight
(EMW) (g)
EMW idEstimated numbers
SwordfishActinopterygii            39331,000-60,000EMW-333 <1
Common dolphinfishActinopterygii            33028,000EMW-219<1
Atlantic chub mackerelActinopterygii            303100-750EMW-483 <1 - 3
Atlantic bluefin tunaActinopterygii            207262,000EMW-51<1
Clupeoids neiActinopterygii             52 Not estimated
BogueActinopterygii             4358-112EMW-173 <1 - 1
Silver scabbardfishActinopterygii             381,000-2,300EMW-315 <1
SurmulletActinopterygii             3781-260EMW-331 <1
Scorpionfishes redfishes neiActinopterygii             35 Not estimated
Atlantic mackerelActinopterygii             25389-454EMW-62 <1
AlbacoreActinopterygii             224,540-21,364EMW-7 <1
Frigate and bullet tunasActinopterygii             19237-1,034EMW-237 <1
Shads neiActinopterygii             18 Not estimated
Red porgyActinopterygii             16660EMW-434<1
European hakeActinopterygii             161,800EMW-229<1
Thornback rayElasmobranchii             144,536EMW-444<1
Red mulletActinopterygii             14500-1,000EMW-301 <1
Common pandoraActinopterygii             13 Not estimated
Marine fishes neiMixed             13 Not estimated
Longnose spurdogElasmobranchii             12 Not estimated
PilotfishActinopterygii             11 Not estimated
Surmullets(=Red mullets) neiActinopterygii             1081-1,000EMW-332 <1
Atlantic horse mackerelActinopterygii              9160EMW-61<1
European barracudaActinopterygii              8 Not estimated
Dogfish sharks neiElasmobranchii              8 Not estimated
Picarels neiActinopterygii              8 Not estimated
Saddled seabreamActinopterygii              7 Not estimated
White seabreamActinopterygii              7 Not estimated
Rays stingrays mantas neiElasmobranchii              7 Not estimated
Groupers neiActinopterygii              6 Not estimated
Axillary seabreamActinopterygii              613-447EMW-80 <1
Little tunny( skipj)Actinopterygii              63,723-5,548EMW-425 <1
Jack and horse mackerels neiActinopterygii              611-1,000EMW-256 <1 - 1
Greater amberjackActinopterygii              68,182-27,300EMW-245 <1
Mediterranean horse mackerelActinopterygii              611-600EMW-276 <1
ParrotfishActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
European congerActinopterygii              51,718-14,854EMW-361 <1
Gurnards searobins neiActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
Bluntnose sixgill sharkElasmobranchii              5500,000EMW-167<1
ComberActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
Smooth-hounds neiElasmobranchii              5 Not estimated
Common dentexActinopterygii              51,260-2,350EMW-419 <1
Blue whiting(=Poutassou)Actinopterygii              4135-340EMW-159 <1
European pilchard(=Sardine)Actinopterygii              469-127EMW-230 <1
WreckfishActinopterygii              422,600EMW-413<1
Forkbeards neiActinopterygii              4 Not estimated
Picked dogfishElasmobranchii              43,000-4,500EMW-401 <1
Monkfishes neiActinopterygii              4 Not estimated
Mediterranean morayActinopterygii              4 Not estimated
John doryActinopterygii              41,400EMW-373<1
European spratActinopterygii              317EMW-233<1
Blue sharkElasmobranchii              314,412-16,562EMW-156 <1
Mediterranean spearfishActinopterygii              3 Not estimated
Atlantic bonitoActinopterygii              31,818-5,000EMW-52 <1
Wrasses hogfishes etc. neiActinopterygii              3 Not estimated
Carangids neiActinopterygii              3 Not estimated
Sargo breams neiActinopterygii              3 Not estimated
White grouperActinopterygii              32,419EMW-449<1
Gilthead seabreamActinopterygii              2590-6,254EMW-418 <1
Blackbelly rosefishActinopterygii              2218-284EMW-138 <1
Spotted rayElasmobranchii              2 Not estimated
Dusky grouperActinopterygii              244,079EMW-349<1
SalemaActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Groupers seabasses neiActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Red scorpionfishActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Greater forkbeardActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
European anchovyActinopterygii              28-38EMW-228 <1
Greater weeverActinopterygii              178-110EMW-368 <1
Red gurnardActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
StargazerActinopterygii              1111-460EMW-440 <1
Catsharks nursehounds neiElasmobranchii              1 Not estimated
Transparent gobyActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
OilfishActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Small-spotted catsharkElasmobranchii              1 Not estimated
Common two-banded seabreamActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Blackspot(=red) seabreamActinopterygii              1658-772EMW-144 <1
Painted comberActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Annular seabreamActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Black seabreamActinopterygii              11,000EMW-134<1
Common soleActinopterygii              123-971EMW-220 <1
Sharpnose sevengill sharkElasmobranchii              1 Not estimated
Common stingrayElasmobranchii              1 Not estimated
Gulper sharkElasmobranchii              <1 Not estimated
Gadiformes neiActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Flying gurnardActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Atlantic lizardfishActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
PorbeagleElasmobranchii              <1135,000EMW-387<1
Mullets neiActinopterygii              <120-2,000EMW-278 <1
Sharks rays skates etc. neiElasmobranchii              <1 Not estimated
Longnosed skateElasmobranchii              <1 Not estimated
Brown meagreActinopterygii              <1524-1,790EMW-190 <1
Tuna-like fishes neiActinopterygii              <154-180,000EMW-337 <1
European seabassActinopterygii              <1300-10,000EMW-232 <1
Flatfishes neiActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Stingrays butterfly rays neiElasmobranchii              <1 Not estimated
Dogtooth grouperActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Croakers drums neiActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Common eagle rayElasmobranchii              <1 Not estimated
Totals by estimate type:
ClassCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
   Single species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii          1,52482 1 - 6
   Elasmobranchii             251<1
   All classes          1,54984 1 - 6
   Multi species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii             352 <1 - 1
   All classes             352 <1 - 1
Totals for species with an EMWAll Classes          1,58486 2 - 7
   Species without an EMW
   Actinopterygii            21512 Not estimated
   Elasmobranchii             392 Not estimated
   Mixed             131 Not estimated
Totals for species without EMWAll classes            26714 Not estimated
Total fish capture          1,852100
out of total fisheries capture          1,984
   Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2016 (Release Date: 15th March 2018)".