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Estimated numbers of individuals in average annual fish capture (FAO) by country fishing fleets (2007 - 2016)

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Summary for Kuwait (2007-2016)
TotalCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
All fish species with an EMW
(Estimated Mean Weight)
          1,50850 13 - 21
Total fish capture          2,991100
out of total fisheries capture          4,611

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This page shows FAO reported fish capture tonnages (by fishing fleets of the selected country above for the year shown)
by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in fishcount study) and estimated fish numbers based on that EMW.

Data for Kuwait (2007-2016)
SpeciesClassCapture (t)Estimated
mean weight
(EMW) (g)
EMW idEstimated numbers
Tigertooth croakerActinopterygii            552953EMW-442 1
Marine fishes neiMixed            436 Not estimated
Yellowfin seabreamActinopterygii            360 Not estimated
Klunzinger's mulletActinopterygii            33420-28EMW-267 12 - 16
Groupers neiActinopterygii            197 Not estimated
Silver pomfretActinopterygii            195455-500EMW-313 <1
Grunts sweetlips neiActinopterygii            122 Not estimated
Hilsa shadActinopterygii            1081,400EMW-251<1
Narrow-barred Spanish mackerelActinopterygii            1075,750-5,900EMW-279 <1
Emperors(=Scavengers) neiActinopterygii            101 Not estimated
Carangids neiActinopterygii             76 Not estimated
Indo-Pacific king mackerelActinopterygii             64730EMW-424<1
Croakers drums neiActinopterygii             60 Not estimated
Mullets neiActinopterygii             5420-2,000EMW-278 <1 - 3
Black pomfretActinopterygii             48583EMW-130<1
Fourfinger threadfinActinopterygii             38 Not estimated
Threadfin breams neiActinopterygii             38 Not estimated
King soldier breamActinopterygii             37 Not estimated
CobiaActinopterygii             286,364-18,182EMW-217 <1
Snappers neiActinopterygii             19 Not estimated
Brushtooth lizardfishActinopterygii             1821-361EMW-192 <1 - 1
Totals by estimate type:
ClassCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
   Single species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii          1,45549 13 - 19
   All classes          1,45549 13 - 19
   Multi species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii             542 <1 - 3
   All classes             542 <1 - 3
Totals for species with an EMWAll Classes          1,50850 13 - 21
   Species without an EMW
   Actinopterygii          1,04735 Not estimated
   Mixed            43615 Not estimated
Totals for species without EMWAll classes          1,48350 Not estimated
Total fish capture          2,991100
out of total fisheries capture          4,611
   Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2016 (Release Date: 15th March 2018)".