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Estimated numbers of individuals in average annual fish capture (FAO) by country fishing fleets (2007 - 2016)

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Summary for Dominican Republic (2007-2016)
TotalCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
All fish species with an EMW
(Estimated Mean Weight)
          3,72037 5 - 31
Total fish capture         10,171100
out of total fisheries capture         13,899

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This page shows FAO reported fish capture tonnages (by fishing fleets of the selected country above for the year shown)
by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in fishcount study) and estimated fish numbers based on that EMW.

Data for Dominican Republic (2007-2016)
SpeciesClassCapture (t)Estimated
mean weight
(EMW) (g)
EMW idEstimated numbers
Marine fishes neiMixed          1,944 Not estimated
Snappers jobfishes neiActinopterygii          1,111 Not estimated
Groupers neiActinopterygii            846 Not estimated
Blackfin tunaActinopterygii            4663,182-7,000EMW-140 <1
Yellowfin tunaActinopterygii            4085,000-20,000EMW-345 <1
Tilapias neiActinopterygii            392 Not estimated
Southern red snapperActinopterygii            377 Not estimated
Common dolphinfishActinopterygii            34028,000EMW-219<1
Jacks crevalles neiActinopterygii            251 Not estimated
King mackerelActinopterygii            25010,000EMW-265<1
Nurse sharkElasmobranchii            21190,000-150,000EMW-431 <1
Common carpActinopterygii            2082,000-15,000EMW-218 <1
Squirrelfishes neiActinopterygii            201 Not estimated
Grunts sweetlips neiActinopterygii            191 Not estimated
Freshwater fishes neiMixed            180 Not estimated
Carangids neiActinopterygii            172 Not estimated
AlbacoreActinopterygii            1644,540-21,364EMW-7 <1
Yellowtail snapperActinopterygii            163750-2,000EMW-451 <1
Tuna-like fishes neiActinopterygii            15954-180,000EMW-337 <1 - 3
Mullets neiActinopterygii            15020-2,000EMW-278 <1 - 7
Atlantic sailfishActinopterygii            12818,140-27,220EMW-68 <1
Wrasses hogfishes etc. neiActinopterygii            119 Not estimated
Blue runnerActinopterygii            1161,164EMW-155<1
Rays stingrays mantas neiElasmobranchii            107 Not estimated
Triggerfishes durgons neiActinopterygii            105 Not estimated
Parrotfishes neiActinopterygii            104 Not estimated
Atlantic thread herringActinopterygii            10065-91EMW-74 1 - 2
Goatfishes red mullets neiActinopterygii             947-313EMW-454 <1 - 13
Red grouperActinopterygii             921,364-2,273EMW-300 <1
Blue marlinActinopterygii             88180,000EMW-154<1
WahooActinopterygii             874,536-38,636EMW-338 <1
Largemouth black bassActinopterygii             83 Not estimated
Scaled sardinesActinopterygii             8019-32EMW-309 2 - 4
TarponActinopterygii             7440,000EMW-334<1
Barracudas neiActinopterygii             64187-9,072EMW-91 <1
PorgiesActinopterygii             64 Not estimated
CeroActinopterygii             645,000EMW-470<1
Pompanos neiActinopterygii             58 Not estimated
Skipjack tunaActinopterygii             552,000-10,000EMW-317 <1
Amberjacks neiActinopterygii             531,057-27,300EMW-12 <1
BonefishActinopterygii             523,333EMW-175<1
Mojarras etc. neiActinopterygii             47 Not estimated
Needlefishes etc. neiActinopterygii             35 Not estimated
American eelActinopterygii             301,364EMW-16<1
Mountain mulletActinopterygii             26128EMW-277<1
Weakfishes neiActinopterygii             24 Not estimated
Snooks(=Robalos) neiActinopterygii             24 Not estimated
Western Atlantic seabreamActinopterygii             17 Not estimated
Totals by estimate type:
ClassCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
   Single species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii          2,90929 2 - 3
   Elasmobranchii            2112<1
   All classes          3,12031 2 - 3
   Multi species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii            6006 3 - 28
   All classes            6006 3 - 28
Totals for species with an EMWAll Classes          3,72037 5 - 31
   Species without an EMW
   Actinopterygii          4,21941 Not estimated
   Elasmobranchii            1071 Not estimated
   Mixed          2,12521 Not estimated
Totals for species without EMWAll classes          6,45163 Not estimated
Total fish capture         10,171100
out of total fisheries capture         13,899
   Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2016 (Release Date: 15th March 2018)".