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Estimated numbers of individuals in average annual fish capture (FAO) by country fishing fleets (2007 - 2016)

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Summary for Bahrain (2007-2016)
TotalCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
All fish species with an EMW
(Estimated Mean Weight)
            3926 1 - 15
Total fish capture          6,141100
out of total fisheries capture         15,687

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This page shows FAO reported fish capture tonnages (by fishing fleets of the selected country above for the year shown)
by species category together with the estimated mean weight (EMW) (obtained in fishcount study) and estimated fish numbers based on that EMW.

Data for Bahrain (2007-2016)
SpeciesClassCapture (t)Estimated
mean weight
(EMW) (g)
EMW idEstimated numbers
Spinefeet(=Rabbitfishes) neiActinopterygii          1,802 Not estimated
Spangled emperorActinopterygii            718 Not estimated
Marine fishes neiMixed            476 Not estimated
Yellowbar angelfishActinopterygii            333 Not estimated
Bloch's gizzard shadActinopterygii            262 Not estimated
Emperors(=Scavengers) neiActinopterygii            240 Not estimated
Haffara seabreamActinopterygii            219 Not estimated
Groupers neiActinopterygii            213 Not estimated
Indian driftfishActinopterygii            159 Not estimated
Twobar seabreamActinopterygii            154 Not estimated
Pink ear emperorActinopterygii            132 Not estimated
Halfbeaks neiActinopterygii            105 Not estimated
Threadfin and dwarf breams neiActinopterygii            105 Not estimated
Narrow-barred Spanish mackerelActinopterygii             875,750-5,900EMW-279 <1
Hound needlefishActinopterygii             85 Not estimated
Sordid rubberlipActinopterygii             78 Not estimated
Mojarras(=Silver-biddies) neiActinopterygii             78 Not estimated
Talang queenfishActinopterygii             76 Not estimated
Giant catfishActinopterygii             67220-300EMW-472 <1
Santer seabreamActinopterygii             61 Not estimated
Golden trevallyActinopterygii             54 Not estimated
Smalltooth emperorActinopterygii             51 Not estimated
Carangids neiActinopterygii             49 Not estimated
Sardinellas neiActinopterygii             447-224EMW-307 <1 - 7
Snappers jobfishes neiActinopterygii             44 Not estimated
Jack and horse mackerels neiActinopterygii             3811-1,000EMW-256 <1 - 3
Greater amberjackActinopterygii             368,182-27,300EMW-245 <1
Goldsilk seabreamActinopterygii             31 Not estimated
Sawtooth barracudaActinopterygii             29 Not estimated
Goatfishes red mullets neiActinopterygii             247-313EMW-454 <1 - 3
Mullets neiActinopterygii             2420-2,000EMW-278 <1 - 1
Requiem sharks neiElasmobranchii             20 Not estimated
BatfishesActinopterygii             19775-3,521EMW-100 <1
Fourlined teraponActinopterygii             19 Not estimated
Smallscaled grouperActinopterygii             19 Not estimated
Porgies seabreams neiActinopterygii             18 Not estimated
Sillago-whitingsActinopterygii             16 Not estimated
MilkfishActinopterygii             16600EMW-427<1
Blackbanded trevallyActinopterygii             161,500EMW-136<1
Obtuse barracudaActinopterygii             16 Not estimated
Pickhandle barracudaActinopterygii             15 Not estimated
Shrimp scadActinopterygii             15 Not estimated
Sobaity seabreamActinopterygii             15 Not estimated
Flat needlefishActinopterygii             112,036-2,900EMW-471 <1
Parrotfishes neiActinopterygii              9 Not estimated
Stingrays butterfly rays neiElasmobranchii              9 Not estimated
Striped piggyActinopterygii              7 Not estimated
CobiaActinopterygii              66,364-18,182EMW-217 <1
Trout sweetlipsActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
Lizardfishes neiActinopterygii              5 Not estimated
KawakawaActinopterygii              45,000EMW-263<1
Snubnose pompanoActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Leopard flounderActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Flatheads neiActinopterygii              2 Not estimated
Painted sweetlipsActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Torpedo scadActinopterygii              1931EMW-335<1
Mangrove red snapperActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Live sharksuckerActinopterygii              1 Not estimated
Silversides(=Sand smelts) neiActinopterygii              <1 Not estimated
Totals by estimate type:
ClassCapture (t)Percent of total
fish capture %
Estimated numbers
   Single species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii            2444<1
   All classes            2444<1
   Multi species with an EMW
   Actinopterygii            1482 <1 - 15
   All classes            1482 <1 - 15
Totals for species with an EMWAll Classes            3926 1 - 15
   Species without an EMW
   Actinopterygii          5,24485 Not estimated
   Elasmobranchii             28<1 Not estimated
   Mixed            4768 Not estimated
Totals for species without EMWAll classes          5,74994 Not estimated
Total fish capture          6,141100
out of total fisheries capture         15,687
   Source of production tonnage : FAO FishStat "Capture Production 1950-2016 (Release Date: 15th March 2018)".