Screen 6: Length-weight formula: EMW-225/LW-1

Weight = a * Lengthb

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EMW idFAO Species categorySpeciesScientific nameLength-weight formula idFishBase idLW formula SpeciesLength typeLength range lowerLength range upperSexabDate accessed from
EMW-225Dorab wolf-herringDorab wolf-herringChirocentrus dorabLW-131sameFL32.50000063.000000unsexed0.05202.39102009-05-18

This screen details a length-weight relationship formula taken from for the species shown (usually) or its genus or family.

Length-weight relationships are used to convert a fish length to a weight and take the form: weight = a * lengthb. The length-weight relationship formulae obtained from give values for a and b. Length-weight relationships are expressed for a specific length type (e.g. fork length, total length).

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